Google, of course, pioneered the ‘pay per click’ method of advertising, where if the user doesn’t click, you pay nothing. Now YouTube (also now owned by Google) is introducing a similar scheme with adverts at the beginning of videos. If users choose the skip them, the advertiser will not pay.

But who wouldn’t skip, given the option, you may well ask. It seems that Google’s rationale is that folk will watch ads that are compelling enough: raising the bar will benefit both viewers and advertisers, and lead to an all-around happier world (erm, maybe).

It’s possible, I suppose – after all, some of the most successful viral campaigns have been based on videos so watchable that you feel you want to share them with your friends. Small businesses can take heart as well; it’s not necessarily big budgets that turn out the best adverts.

All it takes is a good idea and a basic camcorder. And bingo – one more online channel to advertise on, should you feel the need. It may also be worth mentioning that excruciatingly awful adverts will be watched and passed on just as much as wonderful ones are…