How much do you love Google? Enough to display your affection across your chest?

Google teamed up with some young fashion designers, asking them to create a piece that somehow reflected the Google ethos. This t-shirt, showing the iconic Google Maps marker, is the most straightforward; you can also show your Google affection more subtly, with a scarf, or a magnifying glass necklace to signify Search. All the pieces are available to buy online – at fairly steep prices, mind you.

It’s worth noting that, of all the search engines, Google probably is the one held in the most affection and the one you would be most likely to advertise for free. Personally, I can’t see Bing sweatshirts or even Yahoo apparel catching on that quickly. While we’ve seen plenty of negative press around Google’s apparent world domination tactics in recent years, they seem to also have the magic ability to still appear cool and friendly in most people’s eyes. Now, if only we could all apply that magic to our own businesses.