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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
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A combination of the January blues and the cold weather has everyone in the office in a bit of a funk. I hope this video inspires you all to play a prank on your Bosses and colleagues to lift your spirits and have you all laughing again!

If this proves to be too complicated you can always cover the office equipment and furniture in tin foil, if you're hiring make your friend pose as a difficult or inappropriate job applicant, take a screen shot of a colleague's browser and set it as their desktop image… the pranks are endless. It's important to make the work place fun.


Have you noticed that the YouTube logo has a little cartoon Psy next to it? Well, if you press it, it takes you to this hilarious video that summarises the top trending videos and events of 2012. Psy and various viral celebrities got together at the YouTube studios in LA to recreate this year’s most watched videos and trends – GANGNAM STYLE! While YouTube had created rewind videos for 2010 and 2011, they don’t compare to this year’s video which doesn’t just show the video clips but re-enacts them in this Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe mashup.

Psy has been honored with the staring role in this video as his song had become the most watched video, knocking Justin Bieber off of the top spot with his 2010 hit “Baby”. 

Here are the top ten videos acted out by Psy and his fellow YouTube stars – Jenna Marbles, Walk off the Earth, Real Annoying Orange, Graydon Sheppard of ‘Sh*t Girls Say fame’ and Felicia Day:

If I haven’t already wasted enough of your time at work, you can also check out the behind the scenes video and  YouTube’s interactive timeline video 
I hope you all enjoy the last two weeks of 2012 and wish that 2013 is just as exciting.

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