So what can managed Internet marketing do for your business?

The White paper will explain the complete Managed SEO concept, something that is much needed in the industry.

NHIS Managed Internet Marketing White paper

This Whitepaper will benefit you if:

  • you run a business website but suspect it is not working to its full potential;
  • you know precisely what needs doing to your website, but simply cannot find the time to implement changes;
  • you have heard the term ‘Managed Internet Marketing’, and wondered what it means, what benefits it can bring, and how the concept works.

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Friday, March 27th, 2009
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One of the new tools we have implemented, as part of our complete managed internet service, is a free SEO report, which is available to everyone.

No such thing as a free lunch? Or is it simply a case of if it is free, it can’t be of much use? In this case neither is correct.


This is a useful tool for anyone interested in seeing the current SEO of their website and once you have the report, you don’t even need to contact us to discuss it further.

However, we are here to help, if you need us.

To generate your own report, visit our SEO Report service HERE.