Copy Writing


Effective copywriting ensures that the content on your website is easily understood by your customers and receives high rankings in search engine results. Our experienced copywriters know how to maximise the marketing value of your site – through the use of strategically placed keywords – and will work closely with you to ensure optimum results.

The answer is outsourcing


The copy on your website is one of your most powerful and important selling tools – and yet it’s an area that many people overlook. To maximise the potential of your site, and to protect the reputation of your brand, we recommend hiring a professional web copywriter. A visitor wants clear, interesting content that’s informative or entertaining or both. It should be clear, concise and easy to read. Which means it should be professionally written.

The right content is an important factor in a website’s success and helps your search engine ranking. Good copy includes having the right keywords – phrases that searchers are likely to use – that appear high in search result rankings. It also means appropriate, up to date, well written copy.

A good copywriter will aim to put the right messages across to your targeted audience.

If you were doing ads you’d use an advertising copywriter, or if you needed technical writing, you’d bring a technical copywriter on board. It’s just as important to have an experienced website copywriter for all of your online copywriting.

The copywriting will likely cost you much less than designing and maintaining your site. Yet without a professional copywriter, you’ll be undoing all the other good work – and costing yourself lost business.

Another reason for using a website copywriter is website optimisation. If you want to get your site high up in the search engines’ rankings, using the right ‘keywords’ in the right places the right number of times is essential.

Poorly chosen keywords in the wrong places and used too frequently or too sparingly will put off or confuse the search engines and result in lower rankings. You also want your website to read well to potential customers, not just search engines.

That’s why we’ll help you to choose and use only those keywords that will work best for you. And ensure your website is appealing to customers and search engines alike.


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What is Copywriting?


Copywriting simply refers to writing copy – that is the words on a website (or advertisement, newspaper and so on), it has nothing to do with copyrighting, which refers to patenting inventions. Well-written copy makes an enormous difference, and even if your written English is very good, we would recommend using a professional copywriter.