Search Engine Optimisation is a multi-pronged art. It’s all about refining your website’s text and metadata to best reflect its content on Google and other search engines.

If the core purpose of Internet marketing is to get the greatest amount of potential clients to see your website, then search engine optimisation is the main mechanism through which this is achieved.

SEO is simply the process of making sure your website is as highly ranked by the search engines as possible, and thereby reaches the maximum number of potential customers. It includes various elements, of which the most important are the content of the site and the links to it.

The aim of a good SEO strategy is to target and convince as many potential customers as possible, not just maximise hits to your site.

The key elements of our search engine optimisation strategy is the synergy of website design and content development, copy optimisation and link building.

Search engine optimisation is usually an ongoing process. After all, if you’re in a competitive market, your competitors will be optimising their sites too. So to stay near the top of the rankings, you need to add content and links, and frequently update your site. A website that’s rarely updated will end up slipping down the rankings, unless it’s in a very uncompetitive field.