Why Choose Us



Our team of experts ensure your organic growth as an Internet company

Six good reasons to place your website in the hands of Notting Hill Web Design - a trustworthy and experienced Internet Marketing company.
Unique Full Service Boutique

Why go to separate companies to build, host and promote your website? Save time and cost whilst increasing consistency by sourcing all these elements under one roof at Notting Hill Web Design.

One-to-One Relationship

We don't just sell a product. We sell a service. We provide all of our customers with a dedicated consultant who will work with them from start to finish. We prefer to meet our clients face to face so we can truly understand their needs and requirements.


Your website needs to reflect your company's unique image. We go beyond the standard template approach to web design because we understand that customisation is the key to ensuring that your business stands out from the crowd.

Ongoing Consultation

Once your website is up and running, we'll still be at hand to answer your questions and make sure you're on top of the latest technological trends.

Keeping IT Simple

Unlike a brochure, your website should be constantly changing to reflect your company's latest developments and news. Our proprietary Content Management System makes it simple and easy for you to take full control of your site - whilst our team of experts are always on stand by to provide any help you may need.

Unparalleled Experience

Unlike many other website development companies, our team understands your day-to-day challenges first-hand. We combine wide-ranging business experience with unsurpassed technical expertise to create a website that meets your business needs.