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Managed Email Marketing including writing and design consultation of emails

Don’t know where to begin with an email marketing campaign? Notting Hill Marketing can advise you on best practice. We can also offer as much technical, editorial or marketing help as you require.

Email and the Internet have opened the floodgates for direct marketing. Although we’re all sick and tired of deleting hundreds of ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ emails that fill up our in-boxes, a carefully targeted and designed email marketing campaign is totally different.

To start with, you should only send emails to people who’ve expressed an interest in receiving them from you. So you can send potential clients more information, offer existing clients a great new service or special offer, or simply keep them up to date, thereby reinforcing their trust in a tried and tested partner.

Email marketing involves sending targeted messages directly into someone’s email inbox. Proper email marketing involves only sending messages to customers or potential customers who have asked to receive news, information, special offers and so on. It never involves sending out unsolicited emails or ‘spam’.

Email marketing is undeniably a cost-effective strategy. According to the DMA’s Power of Direct economic-impact study released in October 2006, email returned the equivalent of £32 for every pound spent on it in 2005. And don’t forget that email is also environmentally friendly, so is a good ‘responsible business’ practice!

Here at Notting Hill Marketing, we can advise you on all aspects of email marketing, including writing and designing the emails. In addition, we provide a cost-effective browser-based email marketing system that’s much more powerful, flexible and measurable than ordinary emailing.