This question was posed to us in respect of our free website offer to local start-ups and charities/projects. We were proposing a new website for a small business in the W11 area and had been trying to stress that our offer had no strings attached and, that once the website was complete, they were not beholden to us in any way.  

So how do we make our money from this offer?  

A simple answer is – we don’t.

This brought about the next question – “So why do you do it?”


1. We genuinely want to give back something to the local community – honestly!!

2. We believe that if we provide an excellent service now, then when the local business or charity project expands in the future, we hope that we will be called upon to help with their online needs.

3. We have a valuable link-back to our website on each of the sites we produce.

That’s it. 

Nothing more.