When it seems too good to be true, it probably is

You know how they say ‘when it seems to good to be true, it probably is’? We know that many people will look at our low prices, and indeed our free websites promotion, and assume that there simply must be a catch. When one considers the following points, you can see their point: A good […]

Hangover prevention drink

We look forward to doing a new website and SEO to hangover prevention drink​ for Good Shot Drinks.

SES London 2013 – Mid Point Conclusion

SES London Conference I am very surprised to hear so many SEO companies throwing in the towel after Google’s Penguin update in April 2012.  The general feeling amongst the experts is that Google has defeated SEO companies. I don’t agree! It is certainly harder to produce good SEO results based on old, outdated techniques. You […]

Why You Should NOT Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

  We’re making a habit of celebrating everything. It’s good when you get a break from work and maybe some cake, however, I’m not entirely sure that Valentine’s Day is the best celebration for the workplace. Here are some reasons why: 1. Someone will get offended. While you found the Bobs mug hilarious, Bob from […]

Get With The Facebook Times

To my absolute horror, there are still bloggers, uselessly blogging about how irrelevant social media is and specifically pinpointing Facebook. I’m certain that they are just blogging to attention seek. I can forgive a fool that thought this a few of years ago, but I would definitely expect business owners to have the knowledge and […]

Celebrating Our 14th Birthday

Celebrating Our 14th Birthday Happy Birthday to us! We’re very proud to say that we are in our 14th year in this business and are continuing to grow and evolve with the fast pace of the online industry. We’d like to thank Fari and Carolyn for putting together such a great team and our clients […]

Office Pranks

A combination of the January blues and the cold weather has everyone in the office in a bit of a funk. I hope this video inspires you all to play a prank on your Bosses and colleagues to lift your spirits and have you all laughing again! If this proves to be too complicated you […]

Ten Reasons to have a Website

Any serious business requires a website these days. At the very least it will promote your services, and at best it will increase your sales many times over. 1. Become a Part of the Global Internet Community, Open up to the International Markets. Websites reside on the Internet, also called the World Wide Web (WWW), […]

The definition of website design, and why your site needs it.

To some extent, we are all experts in web design. Your taste may run to minimalist, lavish, or brash, but one thing is for sure. You’ll be able to say, within seconds of visiting it, whether or not you like a website. It’s perhaps tempting to think of web design as nothing more than choosing […]

Rewind YouTube Style 2012

Have you noticed that the YouTube logo has a little cartoon Psy next to it? Well, if you press it, it takes you to this hilarious video that summarises the top trending videos and events of 2012. Psy and various viral celebrities got together at the YouTube studios in LA to recreate this year’s most […]

Office Secret Santa

It’s that time of the year again where you stress about what to get your colleagues for the office Secret Santa. Here are some of my suggestions for gifts to buy on different budgets. £5 and Under Hand Warmers For just £4.99 you can get one of these very cute hand warmers with a knitted […]

Pretty Ugly Sites

While I had stated a couple of weeks ago that looks aren’t everything, it has to be said that this statement is only true to a certain extent and there are some very obvious exceptions.  When looking at the following sites, be sure to be equipped with sunglasses and aspirin. is possibly one of the […]

What you must consider for your web design

1. Purpose of your Site It’s important to outline the purpose of your site and the type of information you would like it to contain. Before you begin working on your site, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the purpose of this site. On-line brochure An informative website describing your company specialty, […]

What We Mean By “Search Engine Friendly Sites”

A professional team of web designers, web developers, and SEO experts will create search engine friendly websites through on-site optimization. Here are some steps that should be taken to ensure that your site is optimized: 1. Title Tags It’s the title of the page and is one of the most important steps. It should have […]

Looks Aren’t Everything

Many new website owners, graphic designers, and web surfers are placing far too much emphasis on the looks of a site and forgetting to consider how a site should function. There is no use having a beautiful site with attention seeking graphics and ‘look at me’ flash animations if it doesn’t deliver what it’s supposed […]

Halloween- Gangnam Style

Heyyyyyyyyy! Sexyyy Haunted House!   The Gangnam song and dance craze has now reached new levels of “viral”. The Korean number 1 hit song has been synchronized with a Halloween light display that has currently got an audience of over 2 million viewers. The video has been shot to success largely because it is current […]

Mini Surprise?

Apple is hosting an event tonight in San Jose, California, where it’s believed they will announce the “iPad Mini“. It’s speculated to be between 7-8 inches and to cost an affordable £200. While Steve Jobs had claimed that a smaller tablet would not be created, it seems that Apple now wants to gain market share […]

NHIS Websites 101

Here are a few simple points to consider when building a new site or redesigning a current one. Brand When designing a site you have to make sure that the brand and image is reflected in all areas of the business. Your website should have the same themes, feel, messages, logo and colour scheme and […]

Internet Jargon, lingo and acronyms explained

Notting Hill Internet Services’ guide to website and internet jargon: find simple definitions for words and acronyms from applet to WWW. Applet: A small Java program that can be embedded in an HTML page. An applet can only make an Internet connection to the computer from which the applet was sent. Archie: A tool for […]

Staff Training with…. Sophie?

Staff training with Sarah, although it looks like Sophie Peyman is heading the session !

Blogging & SEO

It shouldn’t be a question, it should be a must! Ranking high on search engines is the next step to success after creating the perfect website for your business. While you can temporarily achieve this using PPC, organic SEO is a much better long-term investment. Organically ranking high on search engines can be achieved using […]

Taking the P*ss

Taking a leak will never have to be boring again!


Thank you to everyone who came to to the event a couple of weeks ago- Kids, adults, and dogs! It was good to see some old and new faces. Although we didn’t manage to reach our target of £500, we managed to beat lasts years total and collected £380 which is much appreciated 🙂 I would […]

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Join Notting Hill Web Design on Friday 30th September for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, where we will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Last year we raised £300 and hope to beat that by raising £500 this year! We would like to invite everyone to join us on Friday 30th September for coffee, tea, […]

Microsoft Copies Apple and Dismisses Use of Flash in Tablets!

On Wednesday, Microsoft fans were informed on the building windows 8 blog that “the tablet” will no longer be supporting Adobe’s Flash, but will be using HTML5 instead. Microsoft 8 will make flash available on its traditional PCs but not for its touch specific type products i.e. the tablet, therefore there will be two versions […]

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning update

On Friday 24th September, we held a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer, as part of their World’s Biggest Coffee Morning fundraising campaign.  We would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who helped us raise the wonderful total of £300 for the cause. Special thanks go to: * Nespresso for providing […]

Join in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning with Notting Hill Web Design

We are getting closer to our coffee morning in support of Macmillan Cancer’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.  Taking place on Friday 24th September, you can now see full details here:  Notting Hill Web Design Coffee Morning. Please try to pop-in, even for a few minutes.  It is such a worthy cause plus we will have […]

The case of McKeith

Another week, another Twitter PR disaster. By now, no doubt you’ll have heard about the whole Gillian McKeith debacle: if not, you can find a useful summary on the Guardian website. There is nothing the usually benign (though swift to become a baying horde) citizens of Twitter-like less than duplicity. McKeith’s big mistake was not […]

Big plans for your website? Hold off a little…

The news that the new government has revised plans to roll out broadband by 2012 may affect small businesses and their online marketing. We’ve mentioned before on this blog our anticipation of the greater functionality that all businesses will be able to include on websites once the whole country is enjoying a fast connection… well, […]

Twitter for the very young

Here’s proof, if it were needed, of Twitter’s ever-increasing omnipotence: babies can now tweet from the womb. Yes, back in February, we reported that dogs can tweet: in our estimation, this is a step further into the realm of… well, the rather ridiculous. The Kickbee is a fabric band that the pregnant mother can wear […]

Does Google fix its results? We doubt it.

It’s common knowledge that a good Google ranking can make or break a business, so it’s no surprise that companies regularly get into a lather when they don’t get the results they believe they deserve. The European Commission Competition Chief, Joaquin Almunia, is currently investigating the claims of three firms who claim that Google, far […]

Case Study:

Case: 5 Dillon is a brand new boutique selling fabulous, high quality, new, gently used, and reinvented items at incredibly accessible prices. As the boutique is located in a small town there are limitations on the number of customers that may visit the store. 5 Dillon wanted to expand their potential customer base by having a […]

Firefox 4 is coming: is your website ready?

With the announcement that the beta version of Firefox 4 has been released, it’s that time again. Time to check how your own website looks on it, that is. While the browser is only in beta (ie, a work in progress), it is currently available for download – its developers are hoping that users will […]

Google’s new offices: poles apart

Getting sites to the top of Google rankings is a serious business – so serious that it’s easy to forget that the company also has a fun side. This week, the BBC showed us a video and images of Google’s new offices in Zurich. Fancy making an entrance to your staff canteen? The slide from […]

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – prep underway!

We are in full swing to organizing our coffee morning in support of Macmillan Cancer’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.  Taking place on Friday 24th September, you can now see full details here:  Notting Hill Web Design Coffee Morning. We do hope to see you there, so put the date in your diary!  Let’s try and […]

How will your website look on a giant screen?

You may currently be preoccupied with thinking about how you’re going to optimize your website for the oncoming mobile web explosion. Well, if you want a break from that, we’ve got news for you – it looks like we’re also in line for a massive rise in Internet-via-TV. Announcements this week point towards a new […]

How the news can help you market online

If you sell internationally, it’s definitely worth reading the technology section of the daily papers. For example, did you know that many websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, not to mention the all-important Google, are blocked in China? That’s been the case for quite a while, but recent news stories have also alerted us to […]

2 million more customers

Sell online? Your customer base just increased by almost two million. Well, all right, not “just”, but, according to The Guardian, Internet users rose by 5%, or 1.9 million, to 38.8 million over the last year to May. This boost in numbers reflects new sectors of the population becoming familiar with an online environment, with […]

Get ahead with Foursquare

Are Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr starting to look a bit old hat to you? Wishing you could do something a bit newer and groovier with your online presence? Then it could be time to look at Foursquare. If this geo-location craze had thus far passed you by, think yourself lucky: for many of us, it’s […]

Facebook, the movie: an update

It was over a year ago that we first heard about Facebook, the movie, and now, at last… a trailer. Not that it, nor the accompanying official website is letting much slip, yet. Those who sit through the trailer will be treated to some corkers of lines, including: “The site got 22 hundred hits within […]

Free guide to social media

Many thanks to the Wall for pointing us towards Eloqua’s Social Media Playbook [PDF] – “playbook”, we assume, because while a workbook entails effort, everything to do with web 2.0 is, of course, fun fun fun! Eloqua is a big-bucks customer engagement software company, and apparently, this booklet was first produced for circulation amongst its […]

Bring social interaction right onto your site

We all know the benefits of having a presence on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and so on, but the fact is that any interaction you have on there may not be seen by visitors to your main website. We’ve been looking at a neat piece of code that you can add to your own site and […]

Does Twitter rule your life? Not THIS much.

Fancy fifteen minutes of power? Then you may want to send David Perez a tweet this week. This hapless Advertising Recruiter is promising to do everything – provided it’s legal – that his Twitter followers suggest, for a week. What’s more, he’ll be wearing webcam-enabled glasses so you can follow his escapades. Hmm. We’d be […]

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – getting started!

You may have heard of Macmillan Cancer Support’s magnificent annual fundraising campaign called the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.  People are encouraged to hold coffee mornings at work, school, in their own homes, etc., to raise money for the Charity.  Last year 43,000 people registered their coffee mornings and a total of £7.9million was raised. We […]

Google Maps adds property listings

From today, Google offers users the option to see properties for sale and rent as an overlay to UK maps. This free service is clearly of great benefit to the many small businesses who operate as estate agents or letting companies: Google says “We are completely open to working with any company”. A link will […]

A tale of excessive capitalisation

Following my own advice on this very blog, I was updating a company’s presence on Google Places today (previously Google Business Centre; basically, the interface that you update if you want your business to appear on Google Maps). The company in question is a language school which offers exam courses, including a well-known (in the […]

Minimalism takes a break

Google’s homepage is the most-talked-about blank space on the internet. Renowned for its one-option interface and clean minimalism, the page is often cited as a great example of ‘less is more’. It came as a great surprise, last week, then, to see that Google had transformed itself. The page that logged-in users saw was taken […]

Mobile advertising – the next big thing

If you’re only just getting your head round PPC advertising, you may be dismayed to know that Google is several steps ahead – and that very soon, there will be whole new advertising platforms on which to promote your business. Yes, mobile advertising is the next big thing, underlined by Google’s recent acquisition of the […]

Happy birthday, Bing

Microsoft’s search engine product Bing was a year old on Sunday. Setting aside the question of whether we’ve got any more used to its rather silly name (no), has it become a proper contender in Search during that time? Well, according to Thinq, Bing has managed to grow Microsoft’s search share from eight to almost […]