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We’re making a habit of celebrating everything. It’s good when you get a break from work and maybe some cake, however, I’m not entirely sure that Valentine’s Day is the best celebration for the workplace. Here are some reasons why:

1. Someone will get offended. While you found the Bobs mug hilarious, Bob from accounting probably didn’t

2. Someone will feel left out. Some will get too much attention and others will be forgotten

3. Someone will have a breakdown and spend the rest of the day crying because they’re single

4. Someone will take it too far and be forced to attend the ‘sexual harassment in the workplace’ seminar

5. Someone will remember that they are in a terrible relationship/ marriage  

6. Someone will stand on their desk and sing ‘all my single ladies’ coupled with the dance routine

7. Someone will spend the day distracting others about how being single is the best and how they have ‘found themselves’ 

All in all, productivity will be low and morale will be down. However you choose to spend the 14th, we hope you enjoy yourselves!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Notting Hill Web Design