While we are on the subject of surveys (see our post on how few small businesses in the UK have websites), how about this one?

A recent Citibank/GfK Roper survey in the USA found that 76% of small businesses are not using social media to promote themselves. As before, we’d wager that the figure is larger here in the UK.

When social media is an effective free way of getting new and loyal customers, what are the reasons for this? We think they’re clear:

  • There is still little understanding and a great deal of mistrust of what is a relatively new phenomenon. Those who don’t use social media in their own, well, social life, are understandably reluctant to make the leap.
  • Businesses, however small, need resources to keep up a proper social media presence. Monitoring what is being said about your company online, and responding to users; as well as putting out marketing messages, special offers, and announcements can take up an awful lot of someone’s time.
  • Small businesses may be afraid of what they will find being said about them in an uncontrolled environment. Ignorance is sometimes bliss (although, in this case, we’d suggest you take a deep breath and see what your customers are saying, before working out what you can best do to fix any negative press).

We think the answer is simple. If you don’t understand social media, are wary of it, or can’t dedicate the time to it, the solution is to outsource – and that is something that we at Notting Hill Web Design would be very happy to discuss with you.