Notting Hill Web Design and The Pollen Shop last year announced the launch of The website, funded by the Department for Communities and Local Governments Community Development Foundation, explores the issue of how faith groups contribute to the work of Cardiff.spiritual

Spiritual Capital Cardiff was the first website produced jointly by The Pollen shop and Notting Hill Web Design. It was designed to meet the needs of public sector clients that require flexibility and affordability as well as high standards of accessibility.

Fari Peyman, Managing Director, said:

This partnership will build on our core strengths and enable us to offer great value to new and existing clients. Notting Hill Web Design already has a proven track record in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Producing sites to a high standard of accessibility uses very similar processes. By combining both practices we will now be able to bring a new dimension to our managed Internet services.

If you are interested in discussing an accessible website, at an affordable price, contact us today.