Has anyone ever told you-you to need a CMS? For many of us, the only answer to that would be a blank face as we tried to take in one more piece of jargon.

Yet, CMS might just be the three most important initials you will come across if you are trying to start up or run a small business. All the more so, if you understand the importance of having an online presence, but not how to go about it.

When you discover that they stand for Content Management System, you might begin to see the benefit. Effectively, a CMS is a system that allows even the least web-savvy among us to log in and make changes to a website. The interface tends to be extremely simple, so that little web knowledge is required, instead of leaving the user time to think more about content and how best to present the business.

If you foresee that your website will need to change frequently – as you add new stock, say, or because of changing circumstances – a CMS is the easiest way forward. And because we understand that small businesses often run to very tight margins, we offer a very economical CMS package. What’s more, it even has a blog thrown in, so you can key into the cutting edge of social media.

Best of all, next time someone asks you if you have a CMS, you can look them straight in the eye and say ‘yes’.