Big news in the office this week: we are embarking on a training scheme to improve our customer service. Why? Because much as we’d like to believe we meet our own high standards all of the time, a couple of recent customer complaints alerted us to the fact that this may not be so.

In over ten years of business, we have had very few complaints, but when two come in close succession, we sit up and take notice. The truth of the matter is that in a busy office like ours when we are juggling many accounts, we do sometimes drop a ball.

Well, no longer.

We want to be certain that we really are giving the very best service that we can, so we’re ready to learn where we have been going wrong, and put processes in place to ensure that it never happens again.

Meanwhile, we want to take care that we manage customer expectations too so that there is complete understanding from both parties. Web design and building can be a complex process on our side (though not on yours – well, that’s our aim, anyway), so there is always the potential for confusion. We hope that if we set down our processes, both sides will know precisely where they stand.

So that’s what we will be working on during our training scheme: there will be a particular emphasis on communication from the very beginning of every new project, and we will endeavor to keep communication channels open until its conclusion.

Meanwhile, we’ll rely on you, the customer, to tell us if we are falling short of these aims. We’ll be honest: complaints come as a blow. We never like to think that we have failed to meet our customers’ expectations – but if we have, we need to know, so that we can start work on making improvements.