In a recent article from the Independent, Google attempts to emphasize its non-partisan status by pointing out that it isn’t the first result when you search for ‘Search Engines’. Does that make you feel a little better about your own positioning for crucial keywords in your business?

Perhaps not – and, if that’s the case, you need to come and have a word with us. Meanwhile, something else I found interesting about this article was the quote:

Google makes one or two changes to its algorithm every day, on average.

That adds up to a lot of changes every year. Indeed, this Financial Times article further clarifies:

Google’s algorithm draws on 200 factors and is tweaked 400 times a year by an army of engineers.

To me, it’s just one more compelling reason why it makes sense to outsource SEO: if you’ve got time to keep up with that level of change, then who’s running your business?!