A couple of weeks ago, Google Streetview finally rolled out for most places across the UK. It was a cue for us all to virtually ‘walk’ down the same roads we actually traverse every day in real life – well, it’s the novelty factor, isn’t it?

Since then, we’ve all been finding ways in which it will make our lives easier: checking out holiday destinations, ‘visiting’ houses for sale, and casing out new neighborhoods before visiting them.

One thing we’ve noticed is how information from Google maps dovetails neatly with its 3D incarnation. Thus, if your premises are marked on Google Maps, they will also be on Streetview. Yes, another reason to make sure your shopfront is looking spruce!

More seriously, it’s also another reason to make sure your Google Maps listing is also looking spruce. We’ve mentioned before how listings can now include photographs, opening times, and user reviews. With each new innovation, Google will see more visitors. This recent launch will have had users flocking to see their towns – and, quite possibly, your listing. Time to get it in order!