Those concerned with Search Engine Optimisation need to keep abreast of the latest innovations in the Search world, and that means keeping a particularly close eye on what Google is up to.

Google’s always up to something, it has to be said. But when important innovations come along, they do at least try to make sure everyone knows about them.  This week saw them using their own vehicle – YouTube, which they acquired in 2006 – to show us the latest additions to their Search product. Many folks learn more easily when they see something demonstrated, so this approach does make sense.

These new additions to the basic Google Search premise must present the Google team with interesting problems. Google is well-known for its sparse front page, and its intuitive ease of use. So how they manage to make these new features prominent, while also keeping that cut-down look, is always going to be highly instructive to the rest of us.

We can’t criticise Google for complicating their product in this way – one of their major strengths is keeping ahead of the pack, if not actually steering the pack themselves – and these moves must come in recognition of the fact that the internet is becoming ever more sophisticated. The more content is uploaded, the harder it becomes to navigate to the content that matters, and this is Google’s attempt to address that.

Personally, I still find it fascinating that ten years ago, many of us didn’t know what a search engine was – and now, so savvy are we that we are demanding more and more precision from them.

With these new functionalities which allow the user to search on a timeline, search for related topics via the ‘wonder wheel’ (hmm, is that term going to catch on?), and search for specific content such as videos (watch the clip above to see examples of all of these) SEO experts need to be asking themselves whether there are new ways to optimise our websites so that they perform well in all relevant searches.

If that sounds like a little too much to wrap your head around, then you might want to look at our managed SEO services. We make it our business to understand new Search innovations, so all you have to do is sit back and rest assured that we’re optimizing your site to the newest and most challenging of strictures.