In the 19th century, we built the railways. In the 20th century, we built the motorways. In the 21st century let’s build the superfast broadband network that will create hundreds of thousands of jobs for Britain.”

Stirring words from the Shadow Chancellor George Osborne this week. Earlier this week we reported on the Tories’ use of Google Moderator; it certainly seems like the internet is high on their list of Conservative priorities for the UK’s future.

Indeed, Labour also has their plans, committing to rolling out broadband to 90% of all UK homes by 2012, albeit with a less ambitious speed.

One thing’s for sure – the spread of the internet is unstoppable. Important as it is now to business, it will only become more crucial. When the internet is accessible from every home, and many public spaces beside, shopping, information retrieval, and the purchase of services are likely to happen almost entirely online. Is your business ready for the future our politicians are already planning?