Google: keeping us afloat?

Google: keeping us afloat?

With many a company closing down, or simply hanging on by the skin of their teeth in the current global recession, Google has bucked the trend, apparently filing an 18% rise in profits for the last quarter.

Adding to the image of the search engine behemoth as unstoppable, this figure, according to Google itself, represents “responsible efforts to manage expenses”. But we’re all tightening our belts, aren’t we? Surely Google hasn’t achieved this feat purely by keeping a tight hold on expense accounts and delaying a few operational moves.

The key would seem to be that people are still spending money on Google’s primary source of income – Adwords. When times are hard, businesses large and small need customers, and Google has provided the most efficient way of finding them. Not just any customers, either: the best-crafted Google Adwords will bring you highly-qualified traffic looking for exactly what it is you are offering.

With its built-in tools allowing you to specify precisely how much you want to spend per day, and ensuring that you don’t exceed it, the Google Adwords model is, in fact, perfect for those who are being cautious in this difficult financial time. It’s quite possible that businesses are leaving behind traditional methods of print and media marketing and turning towards Adwords, a system which allows you to track, and put a cost on, every single lead or conversion.

We’re not promising an 18% upturn in your profits for the next quarter, but we’d be happy to talk to you about managing a Google Adwords account for your business. It is just about the most cost-effective marketing move you can make in a recession.