Traditional web design has it that the most important information and action buttons should appear “above the fold” – ie on the area of the screen that the user sees without having to scroll down the page – although we have seen research that appears to contradict this thinking. Nonetheless, it makes good sense to present as much as possible to the user without requiring them to make any effort. It’s also good practice to keep your text short and snappy.

Now Google is offering advertisers the chance to ensure your Adword adverts appear above the fold.

As they say, With a host of different web browsers, monitor sizes, and screen resolutions, it’s hard to predict where an ad will land, since the same place may appear differently on each user’s screen. Filtering out below the fold impressions gives you greater control over where your ads appear.

If that sort of detail sounds like a step too far for you, it’s perhaps just one more reason why you might want to outsource your Search Engine Optimisation and Google Adwords to us. We are happy to tweak away at options like this until you get the very best possible results.