‘Keep a vibrant social media profile’ is now common advice to small businesses, and we at Notting Hill Web Design repeat it as often as everyone else. But when you find that you’re spending half the day posting on Facebook, updating Twitter, putting photos on Flickr and composing your latest blog post, you may well feel that it isn’t leaving you very much time to actually, well, run your business.

Now, it seems, Microsoft has seen and understood the problem, and brought out a product to solve it. Not immediately available to the wider population, Spindex has initially been trialed at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco: no doubt they’re hoping that where geeks tread first, others will follow.

The basic idea, as far as we can assess it at this stage, is that you will be able to update all your online profiles from a single interface – and see what others are saying, too. For us, the question has to be whether this will become an invaluable tool, and we’ll all wonder how we did without it… or will it be just one more piece of technology to get our heads around?

If social media or any other aspect of your online presence is taking up too much of your time, in any case, you may not wish to wait for Spandex’s wider launch. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to take some or all of the burden off your shoulders. After all, we muck about on social media all day long: the only difference is, we can legitimately say it is our business!