An American friend recently told me she wished she could find bright, vibrant housepaint colors like we have over here in the UK. That didn’t sound right to me: I’ve always thought you could find pretty much anything you like in the Land of the Free. A quick Google later, and I was able to tell her all about the Colour Capture application for iPhones.

Take a picture of anything that is the color you’d like to match, and like a high-tech version of the Dulux service we are used to in our own paint shops, the app will display the paints available from the Ben Moore range which most closely match it. Even better, it will also advise you on compatible tones – and then it tells you, via the power of Google Maps, where your nearest stockist is.

It’s a great example of an app which is genuinely innovative and useful for the user – but which, at the same time, increases trade (and goodwill, no doubt). These are the apps that succeed. Forget novelties that are quickly forgotten. Create something this indispensable, and not only will you have a new stream of customers to your site, but you’ll create a buzz online and in print.