Here at Notting Hill Web Design, we recently commissioned a piece of research the results of which amazed us. Having heard that 44% of small businesses in the USA have no website, we thought we’d check the situation here in the UK. Sadly, our hunch was proved right: that in the UK, we lag further behind.

Astonishingly, more than half of the UK’s 4.7 million small businesses have no online presence. Why astonishingly? Because, in the current age, there are few more economical and efficient ways to market a small business.

We believe that there’s a misconception, especially prevalent among cost-conscious smaller concerns, that websites represent a huge outlay. In fact, a small static website will require little tending and suit the needs of most small businesses perfectly. The more ambitious may wish to look into online sales, regular updates, blogging and social media – but these are by no means a requirement for success. Even a small site with just a few pages can be effective in bringing you a new custom, and – unlike print advertising – a website represents a once-only cost.

If you want to do a small piece of research for yourself, think of a few local businesses you know, and see if they are online. Then ask yourself a question: are you more likely to book at a restaurant when you’ve already been able to read the menu, find directions on a map, and see photos of the interior? Would you feel more disposed to use a chiropractor who can provide testimonials, a full list of charges, and a contact form?

We’re in this business because we believe that a simple website can transform small business. We also enjoy seeing the looks on clients’ faces when we tell them that their entire outlay to build and host a website need only be £99. If that sounds like good business sense, you’d better contact us soon, because we’re going to be awfully busy when half of those 4.7 million businesses also wake up to the value of an online presence.