We were recently asked what our SEO strategy is. This is a very straightforward question and one we were happy to answer.  We certainly do not take umbrage in being questioned nor do we mind telling people the facts – unlike others who like to bamboozle clients with fancy language in the hope it will tie them in knots so they don’t go on asking any more questions!

So what do we do?  

Firstly we do not give anyone the impression that there are quick fixes.  We estimate the time to achieve first page rankings in Google: 2-6 months, MSN: 1-2 months, Yahoo: 2-4 months.

We perform SEO on between 30 to 300 keywords per month.   After careful selection of these relevant keyword and keyword phrases, we construct search engine friendly HTML code, including page unique Titles, META Descriptions, ALT Tags, and Navigation and Link Structures, which include:

  • Examination of internal linking structure, including the selection of link names and titles.
  • Proper site navigation, including linking strategies such as addition or modification of a sitemap.
  • File and page name structuring.

Once started, we: 

  • Deliver a baseline ranking report within 2 days of the project starting.
  • Complete on-site optimization within 7 days of the project starting.
  • Start link building from the very first day.
  • Send ranking/progress report every 30 days.

And our techniques?

On-site Optimisation

  • Keyword research and selection 
  • Title tag generation 
  • Meta tag optimization 
  • ALT tag optimization 
  • Hyperlink optimization 
  • Sitemap generation 
  • XML sitemap in Google, Yahoo, MSN
  • Proper linking structure
  • W3C validation of the home page
  • Right keyword density
  • Making dynamic pages search engine friendly 

Off-site Optimisation

  • Link Generation by one way linking
  • Analysis and reporting

So what do the clients have to do?

All we require from clients is their FTP information and keyword input.

How simple is that?