Have you ever needed to convince stakeholders of the value of your website? Possibly you’re not even 100% convinced yourself. In either case, Google’s Internet Stats page is the place to visit for nifty soundbites. Next time you have to present to your investors, get colleagues “on the side”, or even explain to Auntie Majorie why you’re putting money into your online presence, you’ll be able to pull out facts like these:

  • Online spending in the UK grew 25% to £18.4 bn in 2008, outperforming the 2.1% increase in total retail.
  • Over half (51.0%) of consumers are using the Internet before making a purchase in shops, educating themselves on the best deals available.
  • Social networks have a penetration of nearly 75% among European Internet users.

Each of these little nuggets of insight speaks volumes and should provoke useful debate in your own workplace. If you prefer a surprise, just hit the ‘random statistic’ button, and see what you learn.