Apple is hosting an event tonight in San Jose, California, where it’s believed they will announce the “iPad Mini“. It’s speculated to be between 7-8 inches and to cost an affordable £200.

While Steve Jobs had claimed that a smaller tablet would not be created, it seems that Apple now wants to gain market share and compete with similar products that are already available and succeeding- the Kindle, Asus Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab. Although Apple itself has not confirmed that the iPad Mini is to be unveiled at tonight’s event or indeed exists, rumors have been flying around since February, prototype images have been posted and it’s realistic to assume that Apple would want a piece of the mini tablet action.

The iPad Mini will be likely to be aimed at children, students, Christmas givers and receivers and the usual Apple fanatics that buy anything Apple!  All will be revealed tonight at 18:00 (UK time) at the event which, can be streamed live online and will later be uploaded to the apple site.

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