It’s often said that the Internet is a level playing field, where small businesses have every opportunity to compete with gargantuan multi-nationals.

Is that still the case? These days, almost all large companies understand the vital importance of a good web presence and search engine rankings – even it has taken some of the more traditional establishments a long time to come round.

Many will now employ dedicated SEO specialists to ensure that they are top of the page for the major search terms. They may also have in-house development teams, allowing them to take advantage of every latest technology – or even lead the way in forging their own new functionality.

The landscape today is very different from the early history of the Internet when a  bit of online nous went a long way. This has left many small businesses, previously maintaining excellent rankings, floundering in the wake of the big boys. With a small workforce and limited time, how can they compete?

This week, we’ll be looking at how small businesses can vie with the online giants. You may not beat them, but you can stay afloat, with a little know-how, so keep reading for our best insights into survival for the small online business.