Thinking local – why it benefits us all

The whole point of the Internet, some might say, is that you can reach the whole world – so small businesses, serving a small local area, might be excused for thinking they don’t need a website at all. Well, you’ve only got to search this very blog for the word ‘local’ to see that we […]

Competing with the big boys, part 3: keep it local

Yesterday and on Monday we asked the question: Can small businesses compete with the big boys? As we have already seen in the previous two posts, the big corporations have certainly cottoned on to the importance of online sales, and have the resources to corner the market when it comes to PPC, SEO, and, increasingly, […]

Facebook ads just got more local

Many small businesses have an intensely loyal customer base. The Internet is often seen as a great tool for global sales, and it’s easy to forget that it can be used on a neighborhood scale too. Take, for example, the cinemas who engage with their customers on Twitter, announcing forthcoming movies and warning regulars when […]

Local trending topics on Twitter

Regular users of Twitter will already be familiar with the “trending topics” function, which shows which words and phrases are being most tweeted about at any given time. From today, Twitter has rolled out the option to view more ‘local’ trending topics, with the thinking that there will be more relevant and interesting for the […]

Examples of local businesses using Twitter

We’re always talking about how Twitter can help small businesses, so I thought I’d give a couple of concrete examples. Sometimes it’s easier to understand when you see social media in action like this, although I still stand by my usual advice that the quickest and best way to understand is to enroll yourself and […]

Local Businesses in W10 & W11 – do you need help to get online effectively?

It is 10 years since a small business was formed, run from a bedroom in W11, and Notting Hill Web Design was born. Our founder named the company after the location where he lived and worked.  The area has been good to us and now we are in a position to give something back.   […]

Ten Reasons to have a Website

Any serious business requires a website these days. At the very least it will promote your services, and at best it will increase your sales many times over. 1. Become a Part of the Global Internet Community, Open up to the International Markets. Websites reside on the Internet, also called the World Wide Web (WWW), […]

What you must consider for your web design

1. Purpose of your Site It’s important to outline the purpose of your site and the type of information you would like it to contain. Before you begin working on your site, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the purpose of this site. On-line brochure An informative website describing your company specialty, […]

Internet Jargon, lingo and acronyms explained

Notting Hill Internet Services’ guide to website and internet jargon: find simple definitions for words and acronyms from applet to WWW. Applet: A small Java program that can be embedded in an HTML page. An applet can only make an Internet connection to the computer from which the applet was sent. Archie: A tool for […]

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning update

On Friday 24th September, we held a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer, as part of their World’s Biggest Coffee Morning fundraising campaign.  We would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who helped us raise the wonderful total of £300 for the cause. Special thanks go to: * Nespresso for providing […]