One of the skills a good online marketer needs is the ability to intuit what folks are searching for when they want your product. The trouble is, while you can easily see which search terms people used to get to your site, you’ll never find out those which they typed in and DIDN’T finds you. Maybe your competitor is bidding for those words, or the search query is simply not one you could ever foresee.

Well, not until now. Google has launched the Search-based Keyword Tool, which can analyze your website and match up the products it finds on there with popular searches. Not only will it tell you how many searches it receives per month on each term, but it will even tell you whether competitors are also bidding on those terms.

If nothing else, it should be a time-saver; at best, it’ll be a window into what you could be doing better, and it’s certainly worth playing around with, just to see. Of course, many business owners prefer to outsource the whole business of optimization and Google Adwords bidding to people like us – in which case, we’ll do the playing around for you, and get right back to you. Google is citing an anecdotal example of a 5% increase for one company after using this tool: we’d love to do the same for you!

Here’s Google’s video explaining the whole thing in layman’s terms, as they do so well: