The whole point of the Internet, some might say, is that you can reach the whole world – so small businesses, serving a small local area, might be excused for thinking they don’t need a website at all. Well, you’ve only got to search this very blog for the word ‘local’ to see that we think otherwise.

We’ve looked at local trends on Twitter, local ads on Facebook, and Google’s ‘in stock nearby’ feature, just to name a few. Read through those posts, and the conclusion can only be that all sorts of websites are leveraging the internet very successfully to speak to customers who may only be a few miles – or even meters – from their premises.

Being a small business ourselves, we are quite passionate about what a local approach can do for one’s own community. We always try to shop local ourselves, mindful that money we put into our own neighborhood will, most likely, enrich our own customers, and, in turn, increase our trade. That may sound like a selfish kind of altruism, but we prefer to think of it as good karma!

It was the same approach that led us to offer free websites for local companies: we like to see our neighborhood’s start-ups succeeding, and are happy to do what we can to help. After all, today’s small businesses can easily become tomorrow’s thriving enterprises, bringing higher rates of employment and enrichment to the community. Just don’t forget us when you’re at the top!