This is an old, and wise, Arabic saying.      

But do we like change?  Facebook recently underwent an overhaul, bringing about a torrent of dismay from many of its users.   An online group was started – Petition Against the “New Facebook” – which to date has 1,748,123 members.  (And guess where the organizers chose to form the group? Yes, got it in one, Facebook.)

Not exactly a matter of life and death but when we have got used to something, we don’t like to see it change.  We are creatures of habit and change means readjustment – which can be unsettling and, to some extent, upsetting. It could also mean re-education – how frightening is that??

However, Rosanne Cash, singer, and songwriter, got it right when she said: “The key to change… is to let go of fear.” 

You may have noticed that we have recently redesigned our website.

It wasn’t easy to deconstruct a site that had grown so much over some years and then reconstruct in a way that would be pleasing to all.  Let’s face it, you are not going to please everyone all of the time.  However, a change shouldn’t happen for change sake.  There has to be an end purpose.  

Posing the question to Fari Peyman, MD of Notting Hill Web Design, ‘What were the reasons for changing the website?’, he replied:

“We wanted to make it visually more pleasing, yet also increasing the contents of the site and making the navigation easier. We now have a platform to add more to the site and are going to work on the site’s accessibility improving the user experience.”

During this financially difficult time everyone should be taking stock of tools they have at their disposal to aid their business and a company’s online presence is one of them. Food for thought…