It is 10 years since a small business was formed, run from a bedroom in W11, and Notting Hill Web Design was born. Our founder named the company after the location where he lived and worked.  The area has been good to us and now we are in a position to give something back.  
So how can we do that?  
The memories of struggling to start a business up are still quite vivid.  Any help we received at that time was much needed and gratefully received.  
So – if you are based in the postal districts of W10 and W11 – and area:  
(who is not eligible for grants or aid)  
But what if you are a medium-sized business within W10 and W11 postal districts?  
Almost certainly you will have an online presence but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you too.  
We would like to offer you an hour’s free consultation, during which we will look at all aspects of your website and make suggestions to improve its effectiveness. This consultation would normally cost up to £100.  
So let us help you – contact us today.