While I had stated a couple of weeks ago that looks aren’t everything, it has to be said that this statement is only true to a certain extent and there are some very obvious exceptions.  When looking at the following sites, be sure to be equipped with sunglasses and aspirin.


constellation7.org is possibly one of the most torturous sites to look at and to navigate. All the pages, navigation buttons, and sidebar offer a number of multicolored, neon backgrounds. The neon theme is also reflected in the site’s images and texts. A lot of effort would have had to be made to make this site so ugly. Each page has a totally unnecessary sound clip with no option to mute the sound on the site. I cannot imagine that visitors will want to spend much time on here.

While I had stated a couple of weeks ago that looks aren't everything

There seems to be a pattern emerging with Jesus and Neon. After you overcome the dizziness of dokimos, you can see the link to their new site, which is quite a relief.


Lings cars from Dragon’s Den has a website that is both funny and ugly. It has all the flashing images and texts, too many colours and different fonts however she has made some funny images of herself and I would tell her personalty and sense of humour is accurately translated here. The site isn’t actually that hard to navigate but there are far too many distractions.


Arngren‘s information overload of ugly overlapping images and text makes you want to leave the site instantly. I think this site sells stuff but, would you trust them?

Pretty Ugly Sites

M.I.A’s intro page and main site has bright colours and prints, much like her personal style. Not sure if it is  that acceptable in reality or the virtual world.

So here we have it, examples of how looks can matter. A lot of time and money would have had to be put into making these sites ugly. The saying ‘less is more’ should be considered when designing your site.