It’s that time of the year again where you stress about what to get your colleagues for the office Secret Santa. Here are some of my suggestions for gifts to buy on different budgets.

£5 and Under

Office Secret Santa

Hand Warmers

For just £4.99 you can get one of these very cute hand warmers with a knitted cover. Perfect for the upcoming winter months and should hopefully stop that certain someone moaning about the cold.

Office Secret Santa

Office Survival Kit

A desk essential, especially if it’s for someone that does a lot of overtime or hasn’t got any of the following- screen wipe, plastic comb, sewing kit, shoe shine, stain remover, shoe shine, refreshing wipe, plasters, mints, lemon wipe, mini pen, toothbrush or toothpaste! They will now always be prepared and fresh.

£10 and Under

Office Secret Santa

Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner 

A nice subtle hint for the person with a dirty desk. You should intervene now before the cookie crumbs attract insects and rats.

Office Secret Santa

Lush – Secret Santa

There is always a girly girl or a metro-sexual in the office that likes to pamper themselves. Why not get this already beautifully wrapped fruit punch scented bath bomb and honey toffee soap?

Office Secret Santa

Drinking Helmet

Just in time for Christmas and New Year drinking. A great present for one of the lads!

£15 and Under 


Flying Alarm Clock

Perfect for the person that is always late into the office. Obviously, their current alarm clock isn’t effective enough, so they need one that requires them to jump out of bed, catch the helicopter as it flies around their room and attaches it to the alarm clock to stop the noise.


Worlds’ Best Boss Mug

Maybe it’s true, maybe you’re secretly being sarcastic…. Either way, you can use this opportunity to massage your bosses ego.


Arcadia For iPhone

A desk-sized arcade game for game lovers and procrastinators. This can be entertaining in lunch breaks and even during working hours for those that don’t work hard. If your colleague is of the right age, this will fill them with memories of yesteryear.

Remember, online shopping saves you time and the delivery cost will be the same as (or cheaper than) the cost of traveling and parking. Get the items delivered to your work place and avoid going to shopping centers and wasting time and distracting yourself with all the shops!

I hope this makes things a bit easier for you.