Case: Denbigh Under Fives is a small pre-school near Ladbroke Grove in London located in a mews off a quiet side street. The pre-school wanted a web presence to promote themselves as they felt that many people were not aware of their existence and due to their physical location, there was not much opportunity to be noticed by passing traffic.

They did not have a web presence and had spent a lot of time with a web designer to create a website. However, time constraints of the designer meant the project was at a standstill.

Solution: We were approached by Denbigh who asked if we could complete the website. Denbigh already had a design concept they liked so the core design was recreated by us. We added an online registration form for new students, downloadable information guides for parents and a blog so the pre-school had a place to promote and showcase events.

Results: denbigThe pre-school now has an online presence so can compete with other local pre-schools for internet traffic. They have an information source to direct potential students to and several online registration forms have been completed which is the testament to the success of the site already.