Case: Kensington Physio is an established physiotherapy practice located off Kensington High Street in London which has been in business for nearly 20 years. They had a website but it had become outdated both in its style and the information it contained. Kensington Physio was constantly evolving, including the addition of the second practice off Kings Road in Chelsea and a third in the pipeline, but their website was not keeping up. Adding to their difficulties, the domain name, web hosting, and website design were handled by three different companies which made getting things updated much more complex.

Solution: We firstly consolidated the management of the domain, web hosting, website design and maintenance which meant that Kensington Physio only had to place one call to us if any problems occurred.

We created a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) website for them with a blog. If any changes were needed to their site they were now able to make them themselves. This gave them complete flexibility to manage all content on their website which was ideal considering the ongoing changes within their business.

Results: Physio now has an up to date website with a wealth of information on their practices and the industry in general. As information changes, they can update the website instantaneously so they have full control of their site. Through the blog, they can also engage customers with additional updates to their business practice.