If you’re only just getting your head round PPC advertising, you may be dismayed to know that Google is several steps ahead – and that very soon, there will be whole new advertising platforms on which to promote your business. Yes, mobile advertising is the next big thing, underlined by Google’s recent acquisition of the Admob network.

As internet usage moves more and more onto smartphones and handheld devices, it makes sense that online advertising should follow. And since it is, most likely, an actual phone that the users are browsing on, it makes sense to deliver adverts with ‘click to call’ or ‘click to download’ functionality. These allow immediate action – either calling your business or downloading, say, a special offer or directions to your premises.

These adverts need not appear only in search results, either: increasingly they are being seen on free apps and mobile-ready websites. You need only make them relevant and compelling, and you’ll have tapped into the lucrative smartphone sector.

If it all sounds a bit confusing, do not worry. We can manage your mobile adverts as readily as we can your PPC campaigns. Just give us a ring – the old-fashioned way, if you prefer!