No, I am not talking about British politicians… I am talking about Google.

Yesterday, Google managed to direct a small proportion of its web traffic through Asia, as you do, resulting in 14% of Google users finding the service slow or interrupted. Apparently, even Google’s home page was inaccessible for a time.


Google promptly apologized and explained the error away in a fairly humorous way on their blog site. Citing something to do with re-routing planes…. right… ok then…

However, this is not the first problem to befall Google this year.  A few months ago there was quite a large disruption to their service, which went on for many hours. This caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Net and the media were all over the story like a rash.

So even the best of us make mistakes but we will always forgive Google as they provide such a good service.

Unlike British politicians…