Two PersonsYou are online, you are surfing the world wide web looking for a good SEO company to boost your online business presence – and there are hundreds of SEO companies all shouting to get your attention.

Company ABC SEO Ltd is offering:

Guaranteed Low Costs!
Guaranteed Quick Results!
Guaranteed Number One in Google or your money back!

Wow, sounds brilliant!

Company XYZ SEO Ltd is offering:

– In-depth analysis of online business
– No quick fixes
– Realistic prices
– Ethical practice
– Long-term investment
– Solid organic growth

Oh.. doesn’t sound quite as exciting or sexy.  Get me ABC SEO Ltd on the phone immediately!

Put that phone down. NOW.

Should your decision to go with an SEO company be based on the long list of things they guarantee they can do for you


Should you decide not to go with an SEO company based on the long list of things they guarantee they can do for you.

Does this make sense? Yes, because one thing that an SEO can’t give are guarantees.  Nothing is guaranteed in life (apart from death and taxes as the saying goes) and there are no guarantees in the world of Search Engine Optimisation either.  The search engines are continually changing their algorithms and they don’t want you to know what, when or why.

So where does that leave you?  You have an online business and you want it optimized. I am not suggesting you go with XYZ SEO Ltd – they are not very good at marketing themselves after all – but do think carefully and do your research. Simply surfing the net for SEO Selection Tips will throw up some great advice. Don’t just take it from us.