ManIt wasn’t such a long time ago that the practice of medicine was a secretive art. The doctor was referred to as the holder of all knowledge, and the patient certainly wouldn’t question his diagnosis. That all changed with the emergence of the Internet: it’s now quite common for patients to arrive in the surgery fully clued-up on their condition, and ready to engage in an informed debate about the best path for treatment.

It’s ironic that SEO experts, whose very profession only arose on the back of the Internet, tried so hard and for so long to retain that mythical status we once gave to doctors. “It’s a complicated business”, they claimed. “It takes years of study, and only the truly intelligent can understand it.” They, better than anyone else, working with the Internet every day, ought to have known that there’s no such thing as an inaccessible art anymore.

Because have no doubt – SEO knowledge is there for the taking. Many sites will explain it in layman’s terms. Or you’ll find it dissected and discussed in rarefied chat-rooms where Google’s every move is examined in minute detail. You can even find automated sites where you input your URL, press a button, and wait for an SEO assessment, and all for free. In fact, these days, your average bloke propping up a bar can talk knowledgeably about meta-data and inbound links.

That being the case, why shell out for managed SEO and Internet marketing services? Well, because, accessible through this information is, it takes time. Time to learn, time to implement, and time to keep on top of. The Internet is still new and developing at a great pace. Every new development, from the up-rise of social media to minute shifts in Google’s algorithm can have an effect on the way you should be optimizing your website.

That’s the crux of the matter. If you have a retail site, you have enough to do without keeping abreast of the latest SEO requirements. It makes sense to outsource to people whose very business is to immerse themselves in the SEO culture. Because SEO works, but in the time you’ve been learning how to make it work hard for you, you could have been making sales.

At Notting Hill Web Design, we don’t keep our knowledge to ourselves. In fact, we’re happy to chat about page ranks and keywords and ALT tags for as long as we think you’re listening. All our knowledge is there for you to share (take a look around our website, and you’ll see that’s so) – because what we sell our time and effort. And there’s no mystery about that.

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