Fancy fifteen minutes of power? Then you may want to send David Perez a tweet this week. This hapless Advertising Recruiter is promising to do everything – provided it’s legal – that his Twitter followers suggest, for a week. What’s more, he’ll be wearing webcam-enabled glasses so you can follow his escapades.

Hmm. We’d be the first to say that our lives were sometimes ruled by social media: we can’t resist dipping in to see what people are up to, perhaps that little bit too frequently. And there’s no doubt it can act as a hive mind, helping influence our decisions on everything from where to eat, to the best holiday destinations – but we think that Perez may be going just a little too far. Will he really do everything he’s told to, by bored office workers looking for a cheap laugh? We suspect he’ll fall at an early hurdle. Naturally, we’ll enjoy watching him do so.