How we love seeing the incredulous looks on our customers’ – and competitors’ – faces when we tell them that we offer free website design!

Not much is free in this day and age: bus travel for old age pensioners, the kind of newspapers you get handed at stations, and the samples they hand out at supermarkets spring to mind, but, in general, we live in a society where anything free is treated with a great deal of mistrust.

Well, it’s certainly true that most things have a hidden price. Some might say that our incredible free websites offer comes with strings attached. In a way, we agree – but they are very small strings, and the important thing is that we have laid them all out for you to see for yourself. At the foot of our free websites offer page you will see a small section titled ‘What’s the catch?’.

Personally, we don’t think there’s much of a catch at all – but we like to be transparent. Now you can decide for yourself whether this is a free lunch, or whether there is, as the saying tells us, really no such thing. Meanwhile, if your start-up business needs a website, you know where to come.