Now, some of us have only just got used to the whole concept of internet via mobile phones – now we also have to get to grips with the increasing access through internet-enabled TVs and games consoles, such as the Wii, which can turn your TV screen into a monitor.

This week, Yahoo! announced a further rolling out of its TV widget, plus a developer kit to allow enterprising developers and publishers to work it into their own applications. Many TVs across the world will now come to the consumer with the internet as a feature, and with Yahoo!’s widget pre-installed.

Thus far, we haven’t seen many adapting their websites to appear better on a TV screen, as they do for the smaller mobile screen. Although the resolution is lower, the large screen means that few changes are vital. At this point, the developing use of internet via the TV is simply proof, if it were still needed, that the web is becoming ever more pervasive. If you don’t have a website, or you have a substandard one, your business really is going to be left behind.