As a small business owner, it makes sense to outsource certain work. If you need a new shop frontage, you call a sign-maker; if your electrics are on the blink, you find an electrician. The chances are that you also paid out for a website.

If your website provider was like most, this was a one-off transaction. You paid a set amount; they built your site and that was the end of it. For many businesses, this seems fine. You have an online presence; customers can find your contact details and that is enough.

Stop to consider for a while, though, and it doesn’t take much to realize that your website could be doing so much more for you. With a little expertise, you could be optimizing it for the search engines, ensuring that it comes out near the top in the searches most likely to bring you, solid customers.

You could be finding new customers and engaging with existing ones on social media like Facebook and Twitter. And, if your business merits it, you could be updating your website regularly to keep customers returning for special promotions or goods tied into festive occasions.

These things all take time and expertise – and that’s why many small businesses will simply put up with a small, static website that does nothing more than sitting there. The good news is, it’s relatively easy to get ahead of your competitors, even if you don’t have that time or the required knowledge. The trick is to outsource.

Take a look at our managed internet services for small businesses page and you will see that an active internet profile can be yours at a very reasonable price. We believe it will pay for itself.