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Rewind YouTube Style 2012

Have you noticed that the YouTube logo has a little cartoon Psy next to it? Well, if you press it, it takes you to this hilarious video that summarises the top trending videos and events of 2012. Psy and various viral celebrities got together at the YouTube studios in...

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Office Secret Santa

It's that time of the year again where you stress about what to get your colleagues for the office Secret Santa. Here are some of my suggestions for gifts to buy on different budgets. £5 and Under Hand Warmers For just £4.99 you can get one of these very cute hand...

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Pretty Ugly Sites

While I had stated a couple of weeks ago that looks aren't everything, it has to be said that this statement is only true to a certain extent and there are some very obvious exceptions.  When looking at the following sites, be sure to be equipped with sunglasses and...

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Looks Aren’t Everything

Many new website owners, graphic designers, and web surfers are placing far too much emphasis on the looks of a site and forgetting to consider how a site should function. There is no use having a beautiful site with attention seeking graphics and 'look at me' flash...

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Halloween- Gangnam Style

Heyyyyyyyyy! Sexyyy Haunted House!   The Gangnam song and dance craze has now reached new levels of "viral". The Korean number 1 hit song has been synchronized with a Halloween light display that has currently got an audience of over 2 million viewers. The video...

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Mini Surprise?

Apple is hosting an event tonight in San Jose, California, where it's believed they will announce the "iPad Mini". It's speculated to be between 7-8 inches and to cost an affordable £200. While Steve Jobs had claimed that a smaller tablet would not be created, it...

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NHIS Websites 101

Here are a few simple points to consider when building a new site or redesigning a current one. Brand When designing a site you have to make sure that the brand and image is reflected in all areas of the business. Your website should have the same themes, feel,...

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